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Tumla is a Swedish word for tumbling around in the water, just like you do after you wipe out on your surfboard. We want our swimwear to stay put no matter how many saltos you do in the water. Being surrounded by blue is a feeling that is constantly in our minds, and we want to invite you into our second home and refuge.

Stepping into the calm seas of a misty morning,  or gliding along the first wave of the day. 
At that moment, time stands still. Everything is calm. Everything has a purpose. 

The ocean constantly keeps on giving, and we want to give back what we can, and share this feeling with others. We hope to inspire women to get out there and create their own love for the sea, with the confidence of having high quality gear that not only is designed with a purpose to function, but that also joins the movement for a sustainable fashion industry.

Surfing in Tumla bikini
Bikini Tops
Surfing in Tumla bikini
Bikini Bottoms

Our products are designed in Sweden with the idea of making swimwear that performs both in and out of the water, which means that we aim to make all our bikinis in a way that makes them both comfy and performing, whether you want to take them into the waves or relax at your favorite beach. 

We see it as a no brainer to care for our planet and the people living on it, and we do our best to be as sustainable as possible. Both when it comes to the materials we use, and the factory that produces our products.

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