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Suit up for a dance with the sea with our surf suits. Made in from ECONYL regenerated nylon, and sewn into perfection to have your back at all times.

  • Tumla bikini made by sustainable materialSurf with Tumla bikini and swimwear

    Sala Surfsuit True Black

    1,599 kr
Lily Rose
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I didn’t think it was possible for me to love surfing any more then I already do, until I discovered Tumla bikinis! Tumla has the perfect balance of style, comfortability and practicality. My Tumla bikini holds everything where I need it to and makes me feel sexy as hell in the process. I highly recommend this brand for extra comfortably and ease while surfing!
Monika Stabel
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I love the combination of Tulu bikini top and Rei bikini bottom but also as individual parts. It feels so high quality and I am sure it will give me many years of enjoyment. I just feel super comfortable in this beautiful bikini.
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The Floe and Manta Set is perfect for new adventures. It makes you feel safe and at the same time gives you the freedom to move. As a dancer who has always looked at her body very closely and struggled with ups and downs feeling safe and comfortable in what I wear is so important and Tumla made that happen.
Alana Hjelm
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The Tulu top is very comfortable. I love the material used. It fits well and I love that I don't have to adjust it all the time. Also, I feel ready to work out and move freely. The Cado bottom is a dream. I love all things vintage and have been looking for a high waisted bikini bottom for a super long time.
Julia Haraldsson
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The Rei bottoms are my absolute favs in my bikini wardrobe!! They stay up where I put them and I don’t have to think about them moving around when I dive in or swim around in the ocean. I feel like I really embrace my femininity in them - showing off my hips, waist and a cheeky bum. The Tulu top is so soft and flattering. Just love the fabric and the style! Also love that it stays on and doesn’t move around… It’s truly amazing how a bikini can stay on so well without being uncomfortable to wear.
Malin Sjöstedt
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My Sala Suit is so comfortable 🤎 Flexible yet it stays in place and let’s me enjoy everything from morning swims to surfs! One of my favorite things is the zipper, in many suits it can be in the way or uncomfortable, but this one is discrete and you can hardly notice it’s there
Elin Fröderberg
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"I want to live in these ones for good - they’re comfy, the fabric feels good on my skin and the colors make me dream about crispy autumn swims as well as warmer days abroad. Tumla makes me want to go on adventures, jump from cliffs, surf until dawn and do all the things I love - I know they will stay exactly where they are and that’s very soothing and nice to know. Tumla for the win!"
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We know that choosing the size of your new swimwear can be hard, and we hope that with this guide we can help you to pick a fit that you will enjoy and feel comfortable in no matter the intention of use. Whether you are enjoying the days on land or in the water tumbling around in the waves we are sure that you will find a piece that suits you.

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