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We know that choosing the size of your new swimwear can be hard, and we hope that with this guide we can help you to pick a fit that you will enjoy and feel comfortable in no matter the intention of use. Whether you are enjoying the days on land or in the water tumbling around in the waves we are sure that you will find a piece that suits you.


Our swimwear are designed to be snug and to stay put during activities, and are all made with sturdy elastics, and are fully lined for the best comfort and durability. The fabric (ECONYL) we use in our swimwear are of the finest quality, and assure a good fit for years to come.

The sizes are made with this in mind, so if you want your swimwear to stay put and perform well when being active, we recommend that you choose your normal size or the recommended size you can find below in the size-chart.

On the other hand, if you feel that you want something a bit more comfy and relaxed, you might consider upsizing.

Choose your size with this in mind, and think about if you like a snug and secure fit, or if you appreciate a more relaxed approach.

Tumla Swimwear Size guide

FAQ to help you understand our Sizes

We want all our products to have a comfortable and tight fit to sit well when you are spinning around in the water gliding on top of the sea. We have done our best to design products that are normal in size, and you can usually go with the same size that you normally have if you want a fit that stays put. Since all our products are designed with active days in mind, you do not need to go down in size to get a product that stays on.

If you end up in the middle between two sizes,spend a moment to think about what you will do with your new gear. Do you want a snug fit that doesn’t move when the ocean tries to rip it off? Then you should choose the smaller size.

Will you mostly use it for calm days at the beach, or maybe for yoga in the morning followed by a dip in the deep blue? In that case, choose the larger size for a more comfortable fit.

Some of our products offer a little bit more coverage than your average bikini, since they are designed with a purpose and a certain function in mind. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the water without feeling uncomfortable or restrictive. If you have a question about which product is the best choice for you, we would like to help! Send an email to, or write to us on instagram/facebook and we can together find something that works for you.

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