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Where do you live at the moment: 

I live on the south coast of Sri Lanka in a town called Weligama 


What do you do for a living: 

I’m a freelance photographer and also run a small charity called Ceylon Paws where we do sterilization and vaccination programs for the street dogs here.


What gear do you shoot with? 

I shoot with a canon 6D mark 2 and a canon 1D X and my favorite lens is a canon L series 50mm 1.2. I also have a Liquid eye water housing for my 6D.

What’s your favourite food? 

PASTA! I looooove pasta. AND cheeeeese! Preferably a combination of both!

Describe a perfect day for you: 

Oh wow that is a hard question because it totally depends on what mood I am in. But I guess I would say that a perfect day would either be spent at home with my 7 dogs, 1 cat and my partner Andrew, binge watching a really good show and eating lots of yummy food OR hanging out on the beach with a group of friends surfing and shooting.


Why do you love the ocean? 

For me the ocean is just so healing and I think that is one of the main reasons I love it so much. No matter how I am feeling, going in the ocean will always make me feel better.

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